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Meet the hosts

Dr. Kelley Wamsley

Kelley Wamsley hails from southern West Virginia and received her academic training under the direction of Dr. Joe Moritz at West Virginia University. As an undergraduate, Wamsley got involved as a researcher and teaching assistant in Moritz’s lab where she developed a passion for discovery, research, and helping fellow students. In September of 2012, Wamsley joined the Poultry Science Department faculty at Mississippi State University as an Assistant Professor of Poultry Nutrition. She was promoted to an Associate Professor in July 2019. She has a 40% teaching appointment where she serves as the Department’s Graduate Coordinator and teaches Graduate Seminar, Advanced Graduate Seminar, New Zealand Study Abroad, Undergraduate Seminar (rotationally), Feed Manufacture and Poultry Evaluation. Wamsley also co-advises the Mississippi State poultry science club and poultry judging team. She has a 60% research appointment, with a focus on optimizing broiler performance through physical feed quality, AA and energy formulation strategies, as well as practical application of feed additives and alternative feed ingredients. Wamsley has given 30 invited presentations, of which 10 being international; published over 140 papers, including abstracts and conference proceedings, 49 being refereed journal articles. She has directly mentored 10 international visiting scholars and graduated 4 PhD and 9 MS students. She currently mentors within her lab 2 PhD students and 3 MS students, as well as 10 undergraduate students.


Dr. Pratima Adhikari

Dr. Pratima Adhikari is currently an Associate Professor in the Poultry Science Department at MS State University. She graduated with her doctoral degree in Poultry Science from the University of Georgia in 2017 and MS in Animal Science from the University of Manitoba in 2013. Dr. Adhikari has 60% research and 40% teaching appointments. She teaches the Management of commercial layers, Undergraduate seminars, Graduate–level nutrition classes and has co-taught Avian Anatomy and Physiology and Undergraduate Nutrition. Dr. Adhikari currently mentors 3 PhDs and 3 MS students, have graduated 5 graduates and has several undergraduates in her lab. Her research broadly focuses on nutrition and gut-health management of egg-laying hens, alternative feed ingredients, enzyme research, low protein, and sustainability, and nutritional interventions against Salmonella and E. coli. Dr. Adhikari has provided her research talks at 4 international-level and 3 national-level meetings. Dr. Adhikari also advises the Nepalese Students Association. Her hobbies include traveling, trying new food, and reading novels. At leisure, she spends almost all of her time with her toddler son and husband.


Dr. Samuel Rochell 

Sam Rochell is an Associate Professor of Poultry Nutrition at Auburn University. Before moving to Auburn in 2022, he held the positions of Assistant and Associate Professor of Poultry Nutrition at the University of Arkansas. He earned BS and MS degrees in poultry science from Auburn University and a PhD in animal science from the University of Illinois. Dr. Rochell’s research program addresses broiler nutrition and focuses on amino acid utilization, feed ingredient development and evaluation, and nutritional interactions with environmental and enteric stress. Rochell has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and has delivered more than 40 invited presentations nationally and internationally. Dr. Rochell also teaches various courses in poultry science and nutrition at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


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Meet the founder

Dr. Marcio Goncalves

Dr. Marcio Goncalves earned his veterinary degree from UFRGS, a top university in Brazil, and his PhD in applied swine nutrition from Kansas State University and worked as Global Nutritionist for one of the major swine genetic companies where he led nutrient requirement updates, diet formulation & feeding program for nucleus farms, development of nutritional economic models, and reviewing diets from over 100 customers. Currently, he is the founder of Wisenetix, the largest network of podcasts in the agriculture industry.

He has over 15 years of experience in swine production with exposure to over 20 countries and 120 research studies in pig nutrition/production and his life purpose is to create a positive impact in the world through knowledge dissemination in the global ag industry.

Additionally, he is a member of the Non-Ruminant Nutrition Symposium Committee at the American Society of Animal Science. More information can be found at Google ScholarResearch Gate, and LinkedIn.